Beautiful Russian women photos

I am confident and attractive woman with goals in life, family-oriented and sexy. I love traveling and discovering new things in life. I love animals, children and would like to have children in future. I love flowers and nature. I consider myself smart, interesting and beautiful. The most important for me in life is discipline and order. But I am not strict, I would say other wise, I like company very much and time on fresh air. In my house, I have many flowers, it is my hobby since I was a child. I like everything alive. And it could be anything from a little kitten and ending some exotic palm tree. I’d like to have a real tender relationship with a man and be sure he won’t change me for an anothe .

I’m an ambitious and goal oriented girl. I like when all my goals are accomplished. The best day of my life is today and I try to live my life to its fullest every day. I always try to learn something new everyday, find the best in everything and to help others do the same. I enjoy meeting new people and learning about their family, culture. The more I learn, the more it is I have to learn. I try to be cheerful, creative, kind, upbeat, forgiving and to laugh a lot and they say I succeed. I like dancing and drawing. My passion is writing poems. My favorite thing in life will be to spend every minute of every day thinking about and getting to know the most awesome man and my best friend in the world; I can’t wait to meet him. My partner I am looking for is my best friend and I am his. He is that special man who strives to make life its best and desires to share his life with me in that all life has to offer. He is intelligent, kind, gentle and loves children and animals. My partner is creative and entertaining, and serving others. He loves to travel to new places around the world and spending time outdoors. He has a good since of humor and enjoys laughing and making others laugh.

By my character I am very communicative, easy-going, purposeful, tender, sincere and just a charming girl. I highly appreciate people who are honest, open-minded and responsible. I like everything new and interesting. I go in for sports, enjoy reading good books, knitting and drawing, taking care about my home coziness, communicating with my friends and meeting with new people. would like my future husband to be purposeful, kind, merry and cheerful, sociable and faithful.

I am a charming and attractive girl. I value in people the sense of humor, respect, sincerity and open mind. It is very important that every of us has the desire to understand other people, wants to help and support a friend in need. I am cheerful and attentive. I am dreamy and very sensitive, I have many warm feelings in my heart and I like to make people happy. Designing of clothes is my main passion. I have the artistic taste, I like creating something new. It s my hobby and my state, I work at the producing of the new models, I am going to develop in this field. I am dreaming of creating my own salon or workshop where I can embody my ideas into life. I also like going to the theatres and museums, I like being in a warm company of friends and playing bowling. I enjoy reading the detective stories and novels and I always imagine myself as one of their characters. I like that world of fantasy. I am romantic and live a very interesting life. I am a tender and touchy girl. I am seeking for a romantic, kind, loving and caring man, who would like animals and nature, who would appreciate the family comfort and be patient. I will create the warmth and the coziness for him from my side.